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Our children's books on Alexander, the little elephant who is allergic to peanuts, in German, French and Italian:

Alexander, the likeable little elephant is allergic to peanuts. Accompany him in various daily situations with these lovely books.

Alexandre le petit éléphant sympathique est allergique aux cacahuètes. Accompagne-le dans ses aventures.

Alessandro l'elefante allergico alle arachidi.

For the grown-ups:

Book (only in German) on food allergies and school - recommendations for heads of schools and teachers, written by Dominique Vining, teacher and mum of a peanut allergic child. Her work was given the aha! Award of aha! Allergiezentrum Schweiz in 2015.


Kyle Dine's new films "Allergy Awareness Video", in English, German, French, and Spanish. Kids are made aware of food allergy facts and facts about anaphylactic reachtions in a wonderful and open manner.


AllerMates Silicone-wristbands for kids. You will find them under "Accessories"; newly available a wristband gluten intolerance / wheat allergy.


Continued: Emergency Kit pouches for allergy sufferers in three colours (green, pink and blue), made of Neopren.


Space for Epinephrine-Autoinjektors (like EpiPen® or Jext®; however, not the Emerade®) as well as antihistamine drops (like Xyzal®), Cortisone tablets and asthma inhaler (like Symbicort® or Bricanyl® Turbuhaler!


Pouches for emergency kit / auto-injectors: safe, compact and handy.


Only pouches / no medicine!

Emergency Kit / Auto-Injector Pouch

Emergency Kit / Auto-Injector Pouch

Emergency Kit Pouch for auto-injector / emergency medicine made of neoprene, with marking "ALLERGY Emergency Kit" for allergy sufferers to always carry their emergency kit in a compact and safe way.



Childrens books on Alexander, the little elephant who is allergic to peanuts and his friends with other allergies.


Also, a book on food allergies and school; the author, Dominique Eva Vining, is mother to a severely peanut allergic child and a teacher.



Alexander the Elephant


The little elephant called Alexander is also severely allergic to peanuts. He is the hero of our little book series.

With this little cuddly elephant by WWF, allergic children no longer feel alone, they have a friend who represents someone who also has allergies. Alexander can also wear a bracelet (needs to be purchased additionally) and an emergency kit.

Children can play with Alexander to train him to remember to take his medicine with him whenever he goes out, to learn to eat anything which is not safe for him etc.

The allergic children in our organisation are so happy when they have their little friend with them.

This is Alexander (please order wristband and emergency kit separatly):


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